Book "Tsubu" Pinhole Pattern

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Please note that the pictures shown are of a personalised day planner. There are 5 different formats available of this book. Every book can be personalised with a linen plaque, which is embossed into the cover.

This unique blank book can be used as a journal, sketch book or a notebook to jot down any thoughts you might want to save for later. The front is covered with Chiyogami (Japanese paper) with a simple pinhole pattern. The back is covered with wine tea green bookcloth.

The following five formats are available:

Blank book small: 10x15 cm, 70 sheets (140 pages): 16 GBP
Blank book large: 15x21 cm, 80 sheets (160 pages): 20 GBP
Address and telephone book: 10x15 cm, 46 sheets (92 pages): 16 GBP
Weekly calendar (2 pages=week): 10x15 cm, 80 sheets (160 pages): 20 GBP
Daily calendar (1 page=day): 15x21 cm, 230 sheets (460 pages): 24 GBP

The book can be personalised with a linen plaque (name plate) for 9 GBP extra.

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