Bespoke Invitation cards for weddings, birthdays, and parties

Along with your bespoke wedding photo album, why not complete the package with handmade invitation cards? Kitaken cards are ideal as invitation or program cards for weddings, christenings, birthdays and similar festive occasions. They're also great to be used as thank you cards! Since each card is made to order as an individual product, there are numerous possibilities to personalise a card of your choice according to your own taste.

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The Kitaken standard card has a total size of 15x21 cm (DIN A5) and can be folded into an A6 double card. The card is rounded off by an (optional) cream-coloured genuine double satin ribbon (3mm) which is tied together on the back edge to form a small bow. If desired, the ribbon can also be used to fasten the invitation leaflet so the text does not necessarily have to be glued or printed directly onto the card.

Other formats are possible upon request. It is also possible to order matching envelopes and inlay sheets from the same paper from which the cards are made.

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Only the highest quality materials are used from Japan and Europe.

The card is made of high-quality ivory-coloured paper with a sturdy paper thickness of 200 gsm, which comes from a German paper mill with over 500 years of tradition.

When designing the front there is a choice of two design collections: "Washi" and "Wabi-Sabi": The covers from the Washi-series are provided with high-quality Japanese paper (Chiyogami and Katazome) printed in historical technique and traditional motives, which I import from Kyoto. "Chiyo" means "1000 generations", which indicates the durability of this paper, which is as robust as it is beautiful. The front sides of the Wabi-Sabi-Series however are printed directly with a Kitaken motif. These designs are based on my photographs and drawings, and are in the tradition of Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetics.

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A swatch list of my exclusive Japanese papers, cover designs and bookcloths can be downloaded here.


There are two ways to buy a card from my collection: First of all existing designs can be easily purchased in my online shop. If your desired card is not shown, you can alternatively send me an order request via contact form. The contact form can also be used for larger orders or if you are interested in professional cooperation (dealers, shops, etc.).

To calculate the costs for an order, please refer to my price structure:

base prices
Standard card with satin ribbon: 2.00 GBP
Other formats: upon request

Insert paper (A5): 0.50 GBP
Envelope (C6 or B6): 0.60 GBP
Envelopes of other sizes: upon request

Shipping (up to 5 cards):
United Kingdom: 2 GBP
Germany: 5 GBP
Rest of the world: upon request

Shipping (5 or more cards):
United Kingdom: 4 GBP
Germany: 8 GBP
Rest of the world: upon request

Shipping costs apply only once if ordering several products. The information for the item with the highest individual shipping costs is decisive.

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