Handmade Concertina albums for small photographs

personalised concertina album

Customise your concertina photo album

All Kitaken concertina albums are handmade. These original concertina albums, also known as leporello are ideal for the stylish storage of small photos, polaroids, and other memories. They can be displayed in a fanned out fashion or (small enough to fit comfortably in a handbag) as a convenient portfolio to carry around. Since every Leporello is manufactured to order, numerous cover combinations are possible. The Kitaken accordion book is a perfect gift with a unique personal touch.

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There are three formats to choose from:

Mini: 11.5x11 cm (landscape format), 4 panels (8 pages)
Standard: 12x16.5 cm (portrait format), 6 panels (12 pages)
Maxi: 14x19.5 cm (portrait format), 6 panels (12 pages)

The measurements refer to the inside dimensions of the fanfold and describe the actual usable area.

Other formats and a different number of panels are available upon request and possible for an additional charge.

A visual overview of all available formats can be downloaded here.

Only the highest quality materials are used from Japan and Europe.

When choosing the front cover, there are two collections: "Washi" and "Wabi-Sabi": The covers from the Washi-series are covered with high-quality Japanese paper (Chiyogami and Katazome) printed in historical technique and traditional motives, which I import from Kyoto. "Chiyo" meaning "1000 generations", indicates the durability of this paper, which is as sturdy as it is beautiful. The front covers of the Wabi-Sabi-Series are covered with special white pearl paper or natural linen fabric, which is printed with an original Kitaken design. These designs are based on my photographs and drawings, and are in the tradition of Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetics.

The back cover of the leporelli of both design lines is covered with fine yet sturdy book cloth from Germany.

The inside panels of the leporelli consist of high-quality, acid-free ivory-coloured paper, which comes from a German papermill who have been producing paper products for over 500 years.

Standard leporelli and maxi leporelli can optionally be provided with a smooth, cream-coloured satin ribbon bow, with which the album can be tied together.


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A swatch list of my Japanese papers, cover designs and bookcloths can be downloaded here.

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Besides the possibility to choose the size and cover materials of the leporelli, there are further options to make your photo album even more special.

All covers can be personalised with a name or a short text (also in Japanese Katakana characters). For this, a personalised linen plaque is embossed into the cover of the album. For Leporelli from the Wabi-Sabi series, it is also possible to personalise the cover by direct printing.

It is even possible to order an accordion album with a cover of your own design. Your own design must have good printing properties and it should be provided in a high resolution. Such requests can be made via the contact form.


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When purchasing a leporello, there are two options: Existing designs can be easily purchased in my online shop.

If your desired leporello is not displayed in the shop, you can send an order request via the contact form. The contact form can also be used for larger orders, or if you are interested in a professional cooperation (dealers, shops, photographers, etc.).

To calculate the costs for a self-desgined book, please refer to the price structure:

Base prices
Mini-leporello: 12 GBP
Standard-leporello: 16 GBP
Maxi-leporello: 20 GBP

Personalised plaque: 9 GBP
Personalisation by direct printing (Wabi-Sabi series only): 5 GBP
Own design: Depending on motif. Please inquire.
Satin ribbon (Standard and Maxi format only): Free
Surcharge for vintage chiyogami (see swatch list): 5 GBP

United Kingdom: 4 GBP
Germany: 5 GBP
Rest of the world: upon request

Shipping costs only apply once even when ordering multiple products. The information for the item with the highest individual shipping costs is decisive.


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