Hanmade Book "Tombo" Vintage Paper

from 21.00

Please note that the photos shown are of the week calendar. The red band is only included with the week and day calendars and not the blank books.

This book is also slightly more expensive than others in the collection as the paper is vintage and very limited.

This unique blank book can be used as a journal, sketch book or a notebook to jot down any thoughts you might want to save for later. The front is covered with Chiyogami (Japanese paper) with a playful red dragonfly pattern. The back is covered with wine red bookcloth.

The following five formats are available:

Blank book small: 10x15 cm, 70 sheets (140 pages): 18 GBP
Blank book large: 15x21 cm, 80 sheets (160 pages): 22 GBP
Address and telephone book: 10x15 cm, 46 sheets (92 pages): 18 GBP
Weekly calendar (2 pages=week): 10x15 cm, 80 sheets (160 pages): 22 GBP
Daily calendar (1 page=day): 15x21 cm, 230 sheets (460 pages): 26 GBP

The book can be personalised with a linen plaque (name plate) for 9 GBP extra.

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