Spring Has Finally Arrived

Spring has finally arrived and in Japan the very brief hanami period is already over. The trees blossomed in one big swoop and the cold wind swept them away within just a week. I just spoke to a friend today in Tokyo and she said that it’s snowing in some parts of the city. Climate change is indeed a scary thing!

Hanami is the tradition of cherry blossom viewing, where everyone welcomes the spring season. Small to large gatherings are held in parks under “sakura” cherry trees. Companies actually reserve spots in parks and spread down Ikea blue tarps for their employees to enjoy food and drink.

Cherry blossoms are a big deal in Japan and also here at Kitaken. The hanami season may have gone too quickly this year but Kitaken has blossom patterns all year round! Many of Kitaken’s handmade photo albums have cherry blossom motifs like this classic chiyogami pattern. This wonderful cherry blossom pattern comes in a variety of different colours and can be ordered with a book cloth colour of your choice.

Personalised photo albums / guestbooks are the perfect present for weddings of all kinds. All of the hanami patterned albums can be personalised with a linen name plate for an extra £13.

You don’t have to wait until next year to witness the beauty of hanami in Japan. You can have your very own personalised photo book made with a gorgeous cherry blossom pattern to view all year round!

While you choose your perfect photo album, here’s a photo I took of maiko during hanami season one year in Kyoto.

cherry blossoms