Mounting photos to your personalised photo album by Kitaken

Many people ask: What is the best way to mount photos into my personalised photo album?

Many mass-produced albums use plastic sleeves and most of the materials used are non-archival and will damage your photos. This is NOT the case with Kitaken handmade photo albums. Kitaken does not use any plastic in the production of photo albums.

There are several options on the market to adhere your photos into your new Kitaken photo album but I recommend using traditional photo corners to keep with the aesthetic of the album.

Photo corners come in a variety of colours and there are transparent ones as well, if you don’t want the corners of your photos to look cut off.  Traditionally, photo corners had to be individually glued, which became very messy but most are now available with sticky backs for hassle-free adhesion.  Another advantage of photo corners is you can swap out photos, once they are set in place. Canson is a company known for their range of high-quality papers and I recommend their self-adhesive photo corners.

Tried and true glue stick: The glue stick is probably the most popular and most inexpensive solution but they can get messy and your photo will buckle and warp when not used sparingly. Make sure to apply a thin coat; a little goes a long way.  

My favourite glue stick is by the German company UHU.  The UHU STIC is acid-free, photo safe, dries clear and glides on smoothly.  It dries fairly quickly but it gives you enough time to readjust your photo.  It’s always good to have one of these “stics” in your drawer!  

TIP: Stay away from sprays!  Another option is photo mount spray, which is an adhesive that comes in an aerosol can.  This stuff can get really messy and once your photo is mounted, you won’t be able to adjust it.  

All Kitaken photo book pages are acid-free, so you should also make sure the adhesive you’re using is acid-free as well.  This will prevent your treasured photos from discolouring over time.