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Handbound Photo Album "Valentine"

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A personalised photo album for your special valentine: This cookie heart album is a wonderful gift all year round! You can have a name written in the heart like sugar icing!

The personalisation with a name costs 6 GBP extra but it can also be ordered without a name. Please note that if you wish for no personalisation, the default icing text will be “Love” as shown in the photos. In this case, please select “no personalisation” upon checkout.

This handbound "Valentine" photo album combines the most beautiful materials of Europe and Japan. The heavy cardstock pages of the album are separated by beautifully patterned glassine (pergamin) sheets to protect your photos and also to prevent any writing from transferring to the opposite page.

A satin ribbon to tie the album is optional. Please indicate when buying if you want the album to have such a bow.

The cookie heart is printed directly onto natural linen using my own printing technique. The default colour for the back is covered with navy bookcloth but can be bound with any colour you wish.

The following BASE PRICES are without personalisation. A personalisation costs an extra 6 GBP.

The following eight formats are available:
Format 1: 18x15 cm (landscape format), 30 sheets (60 pages) - 24 GBP
Format 2: 23x19 cm (landscape format), 30 sheets (60 pages) - 34 GBP
Format 3: 23x19 cm (landscape format), 50 sheets (100 pages) - 38 GBP
Format 4: 23x23 cm (square), 50 sheets (100 pages) - 44 GBP
Format 5: 23x30 cm (portrait format), 50 sheets (100 pages) - 48 GBP
Format 6: 35x25 cm (landscape format), 30 sheets (60 pages) - 56 GBP
Format 7: 30x30 cm (square), 30 sheets (60 pages)- 60 GBP
Format 8: 30x30 cm (square), 50 sheets (100 pages) - 66 GBP

More information about my handmade photo albums can be found here

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