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Wedding Guestbook & Photo Album "Chirpy Bird"

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Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep! The personalised wedding album “Chirpy Bird” is a Kitaken classic.

The handmade "Chirpy Bird" album can be used both as a photo album or guestbook. It is ideal for storing your own photos or as a unique gift (e.g. for the birth of a baby or for a wedding).


The adorable orange bird is printed direclty onto the cover and the back of the album is covered with orange bookcloth. The heavy cardstock pages of the album are separated by beautifully patterned glassine (pergamin) sheets to protect your photos and also to prevent any writing from transferring to the opposite page.


A satin ribbon to tie the album is optional. Please indicate when buying if you want the album to have such a bow.


This album can also be personalised by direct printing on the linen cover, which increases the price by 6 GBP. Click here for a photo example shown on the album information page.

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